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Veteran videoconferencing user, can't join GoTo Meetings
28 November 2018
Reviewer: Abe B from Chicago, IL, USA

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I offer consulting services internationally online. I've used Vonage, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams (as part of 365), Cisco WebEx, Skype, Zoom, and most recently (tried) GoTo Meetings. Each platform has its pluses and minuses. But if you can't even join a meeting, nothing else matters.

What was most frustrating about GoTo Meetings (GTM) was not being able to get into the meeting room. We tried via downloading the software to our computer (checked in advance our system was optimized for GTM). We deleted and reinstalled multiple times. It never worked. Then, getting close to the meeting time, we opted to use the web interface logging in with the "meeting ID." We kept getting the "invalid ID" error message. We finally missed the meeting with a sales team that wanted to demo a product for us. Of course we're not going to waste our time and try this again OR contact the sales team which would be providing us a service remotely via videoconferencing. If this experience was an indicator of how things would go with GTM, we wanted nothing to do with it.

Why these remote meeting platforms still suffer from so many user problems after nearly 20 years of system developments I don't know. But we don't want to become or to hire tech support JUST to get to a meeting. We want to spend our time on the business at hand. And GTM failed at even getting the meeting started.

And we don't care where the problem lies. Yes, we understand the complexity of computer systems trying to communicate with each other... but we can't be bothered making that another thing we have to worry about. Communications technology should be simple, reliable, robust, and very easy to use without needing tech support. Until such is developed, we'll stick to old school meetings. Since this wasn't the first time we've had problems connecting to meetings via GTM, we won't be using it in the future and will decline to participate on virtual meetings that use it moving forward.

In summary, I would not recommend GoToMeeting to a friend.

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