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Global Meet (by PGI) Reviews

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Website: https://www.pgi.com/globalmeet

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Global Meet (by PGI) Review

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It’s really difficult to  praise GlobalMeet. Whilst the website claims it offers “ease of use”, “global quality and reliability”, “best in class mobility”, “cloud content” and “unmatched value” that’s about all it tells you. The site frequently insists that you take advantage of its 30 day free trial, but without additional information we were reluctant to do so. However, we did, and whilst the system seemed fine it was hardly anything to rave about.

Perhaps the biggest positive thing to say about this web conferencing and meeting service is that it is fairly flexible. The service will work across platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPad and on several mobile devices. It’s also a fairly attractive interface, relatively intuitive to use and doesn’t require a download for non-hosting users. The site also provides free downloadable user guides for each platform, should you need them. However, that’s really where things stop being impressive. The range of features provided by this service were pretty minimal, though you can share your screen and record meetings. You can also upload and access files, which makes for a handy way to exchange information and workloads. But it’s nothing you won’t find elsewhere, and with a whole lot more features and controls.

We were interested to know just how many people the system would host and how much it cost. Again, this information just wasn’t provided on the site. So we contacted customer services using the live chat feature. We love a good live chat feature with customer services because it provides instant answers to your questions, and support when you most need it. However, we were directed to technical support, who refused to answer our “sales” questions and instead gave us a link to the sales team chat lines. Okay, that makes some sense. So we follow their link to be given a “sorry there are no sales team representatives available” message. In fact we were instructed to try again several hours later. Not particularly useful!

All in all we were left with a somewhat cold impression of GlobalMeet. A real lack of information didn’t help, and neither did the ineffective customer services. Overall, though, we were quite uninspired by the product itself. There are plenty of better web conferencing services around, so GlobalMeet isn’t one we’d recommend. If you can get a hold of a customer services representative then it could be worth your time and effort making enquiries which are necessary to find out if it can offer you anything that you won’t find elsewhere, but our impression is that it’ll be time ill spent.

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