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TeamViewer offers a free service for personal use, but whilst its various services aren’t to be sniffed at, its web conferencing options can be limited and pricey.

If nothing else, this system is flexible. Participants can access conferences using Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android from anywhere in the world. There are also remote control options which allow you to take control of another machine to access files or work collaboratively. If you’re on the move then this system also allows you to gain access to your home machine, meaning that you can download, open and edit documents that you may have forgotten in your haste to get out of the house. TeamViewer.com also has an awareness of the international nature of web conferencing and is available in over 30 languages, whilst maintaining a high standard in security and encryption.

Sharing data is also another positive of this system. You can easily send, receive or collaborate on work with colleagues across the globe, which can be a great way to run a project without the expense of international air fares. Participants can also communicate using VoIP, video, instant chat or telephone options, meaning that there are a host of ways for them to contribute. Sessions can also be recorded and viewed later to check what was said and to try to improve future conferences.

Whilst these are important and impressive features, they are hardly exclusive to Teamviewer.com. In fact you’ll find them in a lot of the better web conferencing sites, and for a much smaller price. And price is where we really struggle with teamViewer, because although the service is decent it’s not very good value for money compared with its competitors. Whilst the free service for personal use might be an incentive, the price really goes up when you’re looking to use the system for business purposes. The number of participants allowed into a conference is also very limited (with a cap of just 25 people).

This web conferencing service may be flexible, and has some useful features for use within smaller groups, but it fails to deliver for larger groups and offers substandard value for money compared to others available on the market. It might be worth checking out the free service though, and if you feel particularly enamoured by it then you may want to consider the paid version for small business use. Otherwise, we recommend looking elsewhere.

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