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SMART Bridgit conferencing software is a business-focused,  quick and easy way to share your desktop and host meetings across the internet. It is developed by the people who produce SMART interactive whiteboards, which are commonly used in offices around the world, and as such one of the most attractive features is that it integrates well with SMART whiteboards. The rest of the web conferencing features work well, but subscriptions are very expensive and you can probably find a better deal if you can live without the SMART board integration.

Bridgit provides most of the features you would expect from a good web conferencing application. It allows you to easily share either your whole desktop or a single application with all the participants of the meeting and share control between different participants' desktops. Meetings are easy to set up quickly as the participants don't need to download any software and the application can be set to send out email invitations automatically. However, it could improve on its host controls, allowing the host to create polls, ask questions, see who is requesting the host’s attention, or even allow them to control other computers remotely.

For communications during the meeting, Bridgit provides integrated VOIP support so that participants can just use a microphone connected to their computer to talk. This is a slightly more expensive subscription option, but probably cost effective in the long run as it will save a lot on using expensive teleconferencing services to support your meetings. There is also support for viewing up to 9 webcams at once and the host can easily choose who gets to broadcast.

Probably the most useful feature of Bridgit is the fact that it integrates directly with SMART interactive whiteboards. If you have one of these it makes it easy for different participants to draw onto the screen at the same time in order to highlight important points or demonstrate with diagrams. If your office already has one of these SMART boards it would probably make Bridgit a very attractive option.

In terms of security, Bridgit provides enough for most types of usage. Communications during meetings are encrypted using SSL so that anyone intercepting the traffic could not interpret it. Additionally meeting rooms can be password protected to stop any unwanted people joining.

Bridgit provides a fairly good service, especially if you already have a SMART board that you can use during meetings. However it is extremely expensive if you acquire it at the recommended retail price, and so is only really suitable for businesses or institutions with a very healthy cash flow!

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