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PresenterNet.com is a company that provides a service which allows you to deliver PowerPoint presentations over the internet. It is possible to use it to hold web conferences, but is more suited to delivering sales presentations or training information to groups of people online. Although you need to make a specific inquiry to find out exact prices, the guidelines show that it is reasonably priced, but does lack some of the features similar services offer.

The main purpose of PresenterNet is to allow you to deliver PowerPoint presentations over the web. You upload your presentation before the event and it is converted to a Flash document for easy access through a web browser. Guests then visit a web address and enter the id of the presentation to begin watching. For feedback from your participants you can add interactive slides to your presentations. These can include questionnaires and polls that your audience respond to and this site stores the results.

To communicate with your guests it is necessary to dial into an audio conferencing service that PresenterNet supplies. The standard is a toll based number, but it is possible to obtain a toll-free number at extra cost. This doesn't seem ideal as it would be a lot easier if your guests could just listen to your presentation through their web browser. There is also no support for video broadcasting from a webcam, which is something many other services provide.

As well as being able to broadcast live, PresenterNet also offers 'Showrooms'. This is where you can upload your presentation so that guests can view it on demand. Showrooms offer all the features of live presentations, including the audience feedback options, as well as the ability to add voice narration to slides in your presentation. Showrooms are useful for allowing people who missed the live broadcast of your presentation to view it at another time.

PresenterNet.com is a reasonably good service and offers good rates for quite large numbers of participants. However, for this style of service where it is intended to be one presenter presenting to a large audience, it would be useful to have the option to broadcast voice or video using a computer instead of having to dial into an audio conferencing service. The method used here means that your audience incurs call charges just for listening to you. We were also disappointed by the lack of information on the site, which doesn’t even have a central FAQ section. While this service could be useful in some situations, it may be more cost effective to opt for a pure web conferencing solution that allows you to deliver presentations and host interactive conferences. For some good examples of these have a look at our top 10 services.

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