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InterCal loffers flexible audio, web and video conferencing solutions in a variety of packages. They cater for small or large companies’ needs. As well as having their own proprietary web conferencing platform they offer platforms from other well known providers. Consultants are available to provide advice on choosing the best solution for hosting anything from small meetings to large scale events. You can also access other business devices such as Office365, which is a cloud based system allowing you to access your documents and prior meetings when you’re away from your office computer.

The range of solutions InterCall provide are flexible and provided through a range of different companies so that it is possible to get pretty much any selection of features you require from a solution. Screen sharing and collaboration features are common across most solutions and allow you to work with the participants in a meeting on documents or presentations. This is often supplemented by interactive whiteboarding features or polling tools for quick feedback. Many different possibilities are available and if you aren't sure of the technology a consultant will help you make a decision.

In terms of communications, InterCall can combine audio and video conferencing facilities with a web conferencing package to satisfy most people's requirements. Video conferencing is also supported either as a conference in itself or integrated with a web conference. The site now offers a mobile app so that many of its features are accessible when you’re on the move, meaning that you don’t need to miss out on any meetings.

InterCall's proprietary web conferencing platform allows you to specify which parts of the meeting communications should be encrypted. Therefore it is possible to encrypt audio, video and text or just encrypt some parts to gain a slight performance improvement. The other conferencing platforms provide their own security features, but most allow encryption of all communications.

Whilst the site offers fairly good value for money there are some hidden charges that you may encounter, so it’s wise to be careful about which services you use, how often and the number of people you invite to any meeting. If you’re unsure exactly what you want and how much it will cost then we recommend contacting the sales team to find out precisely what the services entail.

InterCall provides a wide range of solutions that can be useful in any type of organisation. Even if you have your own web conferencing service it can be useful to contact a provider like InterCall to host large scale webinars or other events. Consultants can help set up the event using the most appropriate system and moderators can help run the event as it takes place. As with any provider such as this, you pay an extra fee for the extra service, but InterCall provides a high level of service which is worth a second look.

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