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Fuzebox Review

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Fuzebox (formerly known as, "Fuze Meetings") is a versatile and well designed web conferencing application that can be used from mobile devices. It provides all the standard features you would expect from a web conferencing tool and also integrates with many instant messaging networks. One of its unique selling points is the ability to share high definition content with the participants in a meeting, which may be useful to some people, particularly if you are hoping to demonstrate a product or marketing idea, or need a good level of detail on your broadcast.

The first thing you will notice about Fuzebox is that they have a very attractively designed website to promote their product. This eye for design extends to the application itself which looks every bit as good as the website. However, Fuzebox isn't just a pretty face; it also provides a good number of features to help you in running web conferences. Desktop sharing is easy to achieve and the host can quickly switch between presenters to allow participants to share their desktops too. The application also allows you to upload content for use in the meeting before the meeting starts - this is useful as it is possible to share high definition content which would take a long time to stream from your computer.

Fuzebox provides a teleconferencing service that guests can use. Invitations can be sent out to guests with the appropriate details for dialling in or, alternatively, you can use the application to dial out to your guests. This is a useful feature as a common complaint about web conferences is that they never start on time. It also integrates with many instant messaging networks so that you can import your contacts and send invitations this way.

A useful feature of Fuzebox not offered by many services of this kind is that participants can join meetings from their mobile device. Some features are limited for mobile participants, but most are there and work very well even with the smaller screen and limited processing power of a mobile device. It is also free to create a mobile account, so you won’t get stung for it. As well as this, Fuze seemed pretty reliable during our tests and security is well catered for. All communications are encrypted using 128-bit SSL encryption which should be enough for most purposes.

In terms of price, this service is about standard but it’s much cheaper than some of the most well known products, so offers great value for money. It’s also designed so that you can share large media files with ease, making it a smooth operator. If  you're interested in webinar services provided by Fuze or want to compare it to other webinar services then please check out our Webinar Service Reviews.

Fuzebox is a decent all round service and is very reasonably priced. It can't really handle large scale conferences so will not appeal to everyone, but for those who want a good looking web conferencing tool for small to medium sized meetings it should definitely be a consideration. In particular its multi-party HD video conference capabilities are noteworthy. If you’re looking for a service which can support much larger broadcasts, though, we recommend you have a look at some of the other services we have reviewed.

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