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Spreed provides good quality web, audio and video conferencing services, with enough pricing options to suit most budgets. Their price plans are well designed to allow you to choose the features you require so that you know exactly what you are paying for. You can also choose to take out a year-long plan if you have regular meetings, or simply to run one-time events. The service itself is reliable and high quality, while the support on offer is comprehensive. They also offer consultant assistance, which is very reassuring if something should go wrong.

All of the plans Spreed has on offer allow the same basic functionality. You can host meetings for up to 1000 people (depending on your plan) and share your screen with everyone in the meeting. If participants give you permission, it is also possible to take control of their computer or for them to take control of yours. The main difference in functionality between the standard and pro plans is that the pro plan allows you to also record your meetings to playback at a later date. This is a handy feature to have in case there are people who can't attend the meeting.

The other difference between the standard and pro packages is that if you want integrated teleconferencing you must opt for the pro package. This provides dial in numbers for 18 different countries which will only be charged at local call rates. However, for many people this won't be necessary as both plans offer integrated VOIP so that guests can communicate using microphones attached to their computers. Both plans also include video conferencing capabilities so that multiple guests can broadcast from their webcams. Pro package users can also create personal meeting rooms for ad-hoc meetings, so there’s no need to create a schedule when you need to talk with someone right away.

The service Spreed offers is very reliable and puts a strong emphasis on security. The company claims a 99.8% uptime for its service and encrypts all communications with 256-bit SSL encryption. Meeting rooms can also be public or private, with private rooms requiring a pin code to join.

Spreed is a good quality and reliable web conferencing provider. Its interface is easy to use and all the features necessary for a productive conference are in place. The prices are quite reasonable, particularly on the standard plans - if you can live without a dial in teleconferencing number. While there are also many other good providers offering a similar service, we would definitely recommend taking Spreed into consideration.

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