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GoToMeeting Review

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We have awarded GoToMeeting our prestigious Silver Award in this category, having reviewed 44 Web Conferencing Services. Read our review below to find out why...

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GoToMeeting is, in our opinion, the best web conferencing and online meeting solution available on the market. The developers have created an impressive, feature-rich, user friendly package that allows you to easily host and join conferences over the web. Meetings run smoothly from beginning to end without running into any of the bugs or technical difficulties usually associated with this kind of software. This is why we award GoToMeeting the number one spot in our top 10 web conferencing tools category.

The main concern of any web conferencing tool should be to ensure the smooth operation of online meetings with the minimum of fuss and next to no technical difficulties. If you are giving an important sales demonstration and the software suddenly starts playing up, your clients are going to lose faith in you before you have even begun. Just as we expect to walk into a meeting room and sit down without the chair falling to pieces we should expect web conferencing software to perform equally as reliably. GoToMeeting understands this, and as such takes great care to make sure that your online conferences go without a hitch.

The main functionality provided by Go To Meeting is that they allow you to invite up to 15 guests to view and share your desktop in order to participate in an online meeting or to collaborate on a piece of work. The guests can either be allowed to see everything that happens on your screen or you can limit the presentation to one particular application. All the attendees can communicate during the meeting using different methods which we will discuss shortly and can make use of the integrated drawing tools in order to highlight important issues or make points clearer with a diagram. This makes it ideal for sales presentations, staff training or real time collaboration.

It is very simple for anyone to join a conference with GoToMeeting; all that is required is an up-to-date web browser. The host can send out invitations via email which contain links to a web address from where the meeting can be joined. Alternatively, the attendee can simply visit the main GoToMeeting website and enter the meeting ID. A small java download is required the first time you use the system, but this is all handled automatically by the browser. This simplicity makes it ideal for non-technical users who may otherwise stay away from online conferencing tools.

GoToMeeting provides a Total Audio feature which allows everyone attending a meeting to communicate simply and easily. The best way is to use the integrated VOIP functionality that allows you to connect a microphone and headset to your computer and use it as a telephone. However, GoToMeeting realizes this isn't always possible so it also provides a conference call facility which can be used from any normal telephone and links in with the VOIP communications. All you have to do is provide your guests with the appropriate phone number and the meeting ID to allow them to join in. This service is provided for free, but the phone call will be charged at your standard long distance rate.

  For no additional cost, GoToMeeting now includes HDFaces, a high-definition video conferencing system, for up to 6 webcams.  

GoToMeeting uses industry standard encryption techniques to ensure that all communications during a conference are kept private. Anything transmitted is encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption, which is easily strong enough to keep out eavesdroppers. Meetings can also be protected so that only those who have been given the password can join in.

Whilst in the past you were unable to host several webcams in a meeting, the live support customer services team (which was very prompt in our experience) confirmed that this has now been changed. For no additional cost, GoToMeeting now includes HDFaces, a high-definition video conferencing system, for up to 6 webcams.

For those who require slightly more features than the standard GoToMeeting installation provides, there are several other upgraded versions available:

  • GoToWebinar (for company events) allows you to host web-based seminars (or webinars) for up to 1,000 people. This is essentially the same as hosting a meeting, but different roles can be specified as to how much interaction an attendee is allowed so as to cater for the 1,000 possible participants. You also get the ability to create polls and surveys to get large scale feedback from your guests. There is also a pre-session green room where you can liaise, via audio, with other organizers)
  • GoToWebcast (for corporate events on a very large scale) offers most of the same features as GoToWebinar but goes one step further by allowing you to schedule, customize and broadcast live audio or video presentations to live and on-demand audiences of up to 5,000 attendees. The attendees can view the webcast via a computer or mobile device. As an organizer, you can also track meeting and usage statistics. If you need this kind of large scale webcast then contact the sales team at GoToMeeting for further information and customized pricing plans.
  • GoToTraining (for employee education) allows you to host training sessions, either for up to 25 attendees or for up to 200 attendees. There are two main differences between GoToWebinar & GoToTraining: although the latter does not allow you to host large group events it does offer interactive training tools (such as online course catalogs, tests and materials, timer, etc.).

The different packages provide the flexibility to do almost anything you want with your online meetings simply and easily. The cost-effective unlimited price plan on each version means you can host as many meetings as you want without having to worry about the cost mounting up. We haven't seen an easier to use or more reliable tool and think that GoToMeeting is well deserved of the number one spot in our top ten list of web conferencing sites. Use our link below to visit GoToMeeting.com for a free 30-day trial, there’s nothing to lose!

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