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Nefsis Review

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Nefsis is a high quality web and video conferencing provider that uses a cloud computing approach to give an excellent quality of service. It claims to offer an ever-improving experience as your computer becomes more powerful, combining the cloud approach with parallel processing techniques. The interface is very well designed and the service easy to use, but the prices can be quite high, even for this level of service. They now offer individualised pricing schemes, however, so there may be room for some negotiation when you call.  

Nefsis meetings are easy to start once the host has downloaded the small application that runs in the Windows system tray. Guests then join using a web browser by visiting the URL provided by the host. Once in a meeting, the host can share desktops with any number of participants and take control of their computers if need be. The interface is very well designed and makes use of some nicely illustrated icons to help you find your way around. An extension is also available that lets you use Nefsis to see who else in your organisation is signed onto the service - a bit like an instant messaging application.

This service supports high quality voice over IP communications so that guests can chat using a microphone connected to their computer. Video broadcasts from multiple participants are also supported and the quality can be specified to high definition standard (if you have an HD camera). This is a feature that is not as common as you might expect, and is notably absent from many leading web conferencing services.

With security settings that can be configured to reach and exceed the US government’s FIPs compliancy, Nefsis puts a high priority on security. All your shared data is encrypted using end-to-end SSL encryption which includes VOIP, video data and all your shared applications. Meeting rooms can also be password protected to keep unwanted visitors out. The service is highly reliable and the Nefsis website is very open about the kind of technology its network and security features use, which is refreshing to see.

Nefsis is a great quality service, utilizing the latest computing technology to establish high-speed connections with an excellent user interface and an impressive feature set. However, the price is quite high and standard subscriptions only allow for up a relatively limited number of participants. This can be upgraded at a price, so it’s worth taking some time to consider the services available carefully and making some well placed calls before deciding if this one is affordable for you.

Supportcomes in various forms, including an online user guide, helpful movies, a video conferencing forum and FAQ. You can also contact the sales team via email or phone, although we would like to see some live support features so that you can gain access to quick, personalised help from an assistant without the need to make a call.

Although expensive compared to some of the other web conferencing sites we've reviewed, Nefsis provides an excellent quality service and is certainly worth checking out if you're a Windows user.

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