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Saba [email protected] Review

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Saba Collaboration is a web conferencing business tool that helps employees, employers and colleagues discuss and collaborate on working projects. As such it’s set up as a kind of work-group enabler, providing a platform to virtually meet other users when you need to. This comes in two key forms: a pre-arranged meeting or a quick discussion. Each is easy enough to set up and you can also use HD video to add a personal touch.

This system is pretty versatile when it comes to access. As a user you are able to locate documents and meetings through the use of cloud storage, which means a large amount of data is available online, rather than having to download all of the files onto your machine. All meetings are also recorded and can be made available through the cloud so that people who were unable to attend can still listen to what was said, or watch what was done. Indeed an important element of this particular service is the ability to combine audio with visual, which will help you to work on documents and projects in a more proficient manner – you won’t be confused about which part of a presentation or product is being described as you can see it for yourself.

Whilst SabaCollaborations states that it is dedicated to customer care and security, we felt that the site itself didn’t offer as much information as we’d like. There was no dedicated FAQ section and somehow it all felt a bit impersonal. However, it’s an international company so this isn’t necessarily surprising, and there was an air of professionalism to proceedings, from when you first log on to the site to the point that you’re using the software. We were also interested in the software’s ability to encompass social media sites and their unique Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA), which allows you to see statistics on how work has been progressing, and which services have been used to do so.

Saba Collaborations could be a great tool for training staff members and for collaborative work projects. However, most of its features are available elsewhere. Perhaps the most unique thing about Saba Collaborations is the ability to monitor the way in which projects have been completed. This particular feature could be very insightful for larger companies who wish to better understand the efficiency of their staff as a means to improving communications between working groups. Saba certainly has some elements worth praise, but these are often things that you will find elsewhere. Meanwhile, they only deal with costs by personal request, so your bills might be something of a mystery until you make that all-important quotation request.

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