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Yuuguu Review

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Yuuguu is a simple but effective desktop sharing and web conferencing tool. It also acts as an instant messaging client that works with all the major instant messaging networks so you can bring all your contacts together into one place. While it may not have all the features some of the bigger named products include, the price is very competitive making it attractive to smaller businesses which require a cost effective web conferencing solution.

Unlike many of the web conferencing tools we have looked at, the main interface for Yuuguu is essentially an instant messaging tool, and will be familiar to anyone who has used MSN or AIM etc. This is because a large part of the functionality of Yuuguu is to act as an instant messaging application which combines all your contacts across the different networks. However, you can also host web conferences for up to 30 people at the click of a button. During a conference you can share your screen and allow participants to control your mouse and keyboard remotely. This is fairly standard for a web conferencing tool and works very well.

For communications during the meeting Yuuguu.com provides a free teleconferencing service. Although the service itself is free, call charges are likely to be incurred by the participants. However, unlike some services, this site provides worldwide dial in numbers so guests can choose the one closest to them for the cheapest calls. There is no integrated support for VOIP, but Yuuguu does integrate with Skype so you can start a meeting with your Skype contacts with just one click. This means your conference call can be through Skype instead of the teleconferencing service. Another notable feature lacking from Yuuguu is the ability to broadcast from a webcam during a meeting, but obviously this again is achievable using Skype.

Despite lacking a few of the more complex features, Yuuguu works very well between platforms. Meetings can be hosted from Windows, Mac OSX or Linux and participants can join from just a web browser. The host of the meeting simply IMs or emails them the web address for the meeting and the unique key code to access it.

Security in Yuuguu is as strong as most web conferencing applications and should provide enough protection for confidential meetings. All data transferred during a meeting is encrypted using 128-bit SSL encryption to keep it hidden from anyone intercepting the network traffic. Yuuguu also proved to be very reliable when we tested it and we didn't encounter any problems with our conferences.

Yuuguu is a very competitively priced web conferencing application, although it does lack a few of the features the more expensive products offer. Aside from what we have already mentioned, there is no support for large scale webinars, with 30 participants being the maximum possible. If you are a small business owner or can't see yourself needing support for more participants then Yuuguu could prove to be a very cost effective web conferencing solution.

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