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HP Virtual Rooms Review

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HP Virtual Rooms is the web conferencing offering from the well known and respected IT hardware and services provider. As you would expect from a company like HP, the software is top quality, the infrastructure is reliable and there are numerous services to support any event you want to host. The solutions seem to be mainly aimed at those requiring a remote e-learning environment, but scale well for anything from small meetings to large scale webinars. However, although the product is reliable, your wallet will certainly feel the burn.

The software allows you to easily share your desktop with participants in a meeting and also take them on 'web tours' whereby everything you do on your web browser is replicated on theirs as you guide them through a web site. Numerous other features useful in a classroom environment are provided - such as hand raising to ask questions, polling functionality and the ability to easily take content with you when moving rooms.

The reliability of the Virtual Rooms services is excellent and the quality of service is top notch. Security is well catered for in that all communications are encrypted using a 256-bit algorithm - which is more than enough for confidential meetings. HP can also provide consulting services to help you set up and manage your event. If you aren't sure exactly what you require, a highly trained consultant will talk you through the different products and help you decide which is best. They can also set up the event and invite participants as well as helping you moderate it.

The big down sides to this service are its price and its severely limited attendee capacity. The meeting rooms only hold up to 25 attendees, which is minute compared to some other web conferencing tools available, yet it’s one of the most expensive packages around. You may have a reliable service but you need to carefully think about whether it offers good value for money when compared to other services that you can find on the internet. The available features, although done well, are also relatively limited compared to others.

HP Virtual Rooms is a very high quality service from a reputable company. It's best suited to small scale e-learning environments, but works equally well for team meetings. HP can provide as much or as little consultancy as you require for a very reasonable price which makes it ideal for those who are a little unsure of the technology.

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