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ReadyTalk is an easy to use web conferencing service that provides some useful recording and customization options. However, it is very expensive to use as it doesn't offer an unlimited subscription plan. There are also better engineered services out there which offer more features for the same, if not less, money.

We should start off by looking at the positive features of ReadyTalk first though. Its main function is to allow you to host web based meetings where participants can share your desktop and even take control of it. The host has full control over who is allowed to present and can nominate co-presenters to aid in the presentation. The presenter can upload a PowerPoint presentation that the application will convert to Jpeg images ready for the audience to view easily and quickly. It is also possible to share just one single application from your desktop and hide the rest of what is going on. Many of its payment plans are audio-based, though, so check this out before deciding to pay for their services, particularly if you want video options.

ReadyTalk also offers some useful administration features behind the scenes. Sending out customized invitation emails is easy and the application can be set to automatically send out reminders a day or two before the event. You can also customize the welcome screen of the meeting with your own company logo and colours. Meetings can be recorded simply by setting a checkbox and then recordings can be played back through the ReadyTalk website for a per minute fee or sent out as podcasts to anyone who is interested.

Now we go on to the downside with ReadyTalk. The pricing structure is, in our opinion, in desperate need of an overhaul. Basically you can either pay by the minute for the services or you can take out a monthly subscription. However, monthly subscriptions are only available for the web based part of the service and don’t necessarily include teleconferencing facilities - you may find that you still have to pay (per minute per participant) for the privilege of being able to talk to each other. As you can imagine this soon adds up and, when combined with charging per minute to record the proceedings and per minute to watch them back, you are looking at a fairly substantial cost just for a small meeting! It is difficult to see why anyone would pay this when there are plenty of services out there which include everything for as little as $15 per month.

ReadyTalk is not a bad service but, as we have explained, is very expensive even for light use. On the plus side the reliability of the service was very good and it is well supported with live training sessions etc. By all means try out the free trial of ReadyTalk, but we recommend doing the sums before committing to a subscription.

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