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Digital Samba OnSync Review

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OnSync, developed by Digital Samba, is a modern looking web conferencing service that provides a good variety of features. It is clear to see that a lot of work has gone into making the application easy to use and cleanly designed. Fortunately just as much work seems to have gone into the technical side too as the service works very well and can support large numbers of users. The one quibble we have is that the price is slightly high when compared to similar services.

OnSync provides everything you need to host web conferences in one handy package. Guests join your meeting without having to download anything and are instantly allowed to see your desktop and communicate in a variety of ways. During the meeting there is a useful whiteboarding feature which allows anyone to annotate the screen to highlight important points as well as a live polling feature which allows the host to set up a quick poll to get feedback from the meeting's participants. Finally, there is a shared file space where the host and participants can easily swap the documents being worked on.

For communication during the meeting, OnSync supports integrated VOIP, video conferencing and straightforward text chat. VOIP is a welcome addition as it means that guests don't have to dial into a teleconferencing number and incur call charges like some other services require. However, the guests in your meeting are limited to having to be beside a computer to join as there is no bridge that can connect the audio and web conference. The video conferencing support works well and allows a large number of people to broadcast simultaneously without any noticeable slowdown.

Depending on the size of your organisation, Digital Samba offers a few different versions of OnSync. The basic version is hosted on their servers and you and your guests just log onto their website to start a meeting. An upgrade to this is available at extra cost whereby you can have your own domain name and custom branding. For very large organisations it is possible to deploy the application on private servers and run it over a private network. The pricing for this may vary and Digital Samba requires that you contact them directly.

OnSync is a good looking and reliable web conferencing application. The price is slightly on the high side, but this does include strong VOIP and video conferencing features that some other services don't provide. If it is important to you that guests can join a meeting from their computer without incurring extra teleconferencing charges, then we think this is a pretty good choice, but there are other products around so remember to check our top ten too.

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