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Radvision is a supplier of very high quality software and hardware systems to support video conferencing. They offer a wide range of different combined solutions, or it is possible to buy the hardware on its own to run your own software over. For companies wishing to develop their own software, Radvision.com also supply developer's tools and API's which can be used to create high quality voice over IP and video conferencing applications.

The hardware offered allows you to build your own infrastructure capable of supporting high quality video and audio conferencing. The main products are MCUs for bridging video conferences, firewall systems for security, gateways for connecting networks and a range of interactive video platforms. All are very high end products and used widely in various different industries.

Radvision also offers combined hardware and software solutions for a variety of different purposes. Many different applications are catered for such as education, distance learning government services and telemedicine. All of their solutions are high quality, robust and reliable to a level suitable for top level service providers.

As well as providing pre-defined solutions for a variety of purposes, Radvision also sells tools to developers which aid in developing software applications with video conferencing and VOIP capabilities. These tools and APIs provide the low level functionality needed to build on in order to implement robust software applications. If you’re looking for bespoke conferencing solutions then this site certainly keeps the options open.

Our main problem with this site is its unwillingness to share its price structures. Although we appreciate that each client is an individual so prices will vary, we would like some idea of how much things will cost without having to request a quote. Combine this lack of information with an overly complex range of service descriptions and sub-sections, and you’ll soon find browsing the site quite tiresome. They could really benefit from providing basic information in areas, and cutting back on the details in others.

Radvision.com is a high end provider of software and hardware to large organisations and service providers. Small businesses and individuals will likely find the solutions on offer too large scale for their requirements. However, if you have the budget, Radvision's products are some of the best on the market. For personal use and smaller scale web conferencing systems we recommend having a look at some of the services in our top ten.

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