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ClickMeeting.com offers top notch features for creating and delivering web conferences. It offers a range of packages, which include month-by-month options or annual subscriptions. This makes it flexible for growing companies or institutions and means that money won’t be wasted on inappropriate service lengths.

We were really taken by the amount of features on offer using ClickMeeting. If you are interested in branding your conferences then this service certainly allows you do make big steps in doing so, including customising your waiting and meeting rooms with company logos and colour schemes. You are also able to control the amount of private or public discussion that can take part during a conference, and can monitor audience reactions through polls and Q&A sessions. All of these things combined give you a real sense of an interactive system that puts the power in your hands.

We were also pleased to see the automatic translation system they have in place, which allows you to translate text from 52 languages into your own. Of course how successful the translations are is another question altogether, but it’ll certainly help communications rather than hinder them.

If you find that you need to speak to more than 25 participants or need to have more than 2 presenters, then you can go for their ClickWebinar system. Its 50/100/500/1000 packages allow you to speak to up to 1,000 participants and utilise up to 4 presenters, which is pretty impressive, although there are other webinar services which offer an even greater capacity if required. It’s worth considering what each package offers you in more depth because they can differ quite a lot, more so in terms of numbers rather than in the features you receive. You can host anywhere from 25 to 1000 attendees, and as you increase your package price, you also receive an increase in other areas. For example, the most basic package offers up to 2 hours of recording and up to 2 presenters. Fast forward to the most expensive webinar package and this increases to up to 10 hours of recording with up to 4 presenters. The multiple presenter options are interesting to consider because they mean that you can switch between users who have different points to make to a wider group. So, for example, you might have one member from sales, one from finance, one from management and one from administration, each of whom will be able to take control of the conference and deliver their points to the 1000 attendees. We feel that each of these packages offers very good value for money, especially compared to other services which charge per user.

You can read an exclusive blog and access a learning centre for more information on specific details of the services provided and you can also email or call customer services if necessary, or talk to a member of the team using live chat. This is great to see because it means you have a few options for feedback and assistance, rather than having to simply wait on an email response. That said, we would like to see more in the way of an FAQ so that users can look up any issues they’re having and help themselves.

As you might have gathered, we are very impressed by ClickMeeting and also ClickWebinar, particularly if you’re looking to host larger numbers of attendees without footing a massive bill. Its features and service in general ought to prove fruitful. Happy conferencing!

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