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MeetingZone offers a decent service with a good set of user controls to help you manage your web conference. It also allows you to broadcast to up to 1000 participants, or share your screen and applications with up to 200, which makes it a strong resource for undertaking collaborative projects and presenting information to large groups. However, there are a number of hidden price factors that made us a little uneasy.

On the surface Meetingzone is a well organised and professional outfit. The site is clearly laid out and there’s a reasonable amount of information available in general. There are also plenty of options to choose from and despite the site not revealing its actual prices for key examples, it does inform you as to the payment structure, which is a pay-by-use system. This means that you’ll only pay for the services you use, and for the extent of their use in terms of the minutes spent using it and the number of participants who were involved. However our big bugbear is the “extra” costs that you might incur.

Let’s break down these price problems a little further: take, for example, the £10 charge to record a conference. This is often included in package deals, but you might think “well at least I don’t need to record it and so I won’t be charged”. Well, you’d be right, but if you do want to record a conference then not only will you be hit with the £10 charge but you’ll also get another £10 charge for downloading it. After that if you want to load the recording onto a replay service for others to listen (which we assume you would, as one of the key reasons for recording a conference is so that absentees can listen to it) then you’ll have another bill for £35. That’s not where such costs end, either. If you want to receive your bill on a printed piece of paper it will cost £10, plus another £3 (and VAT) if you decide to pay by cheque. Admin services are £30 an hour if you are required to use their team support "beyond standard operator assisted service”. The list continues.

Overall MeetingZone.com offers a relatively decent and reliable service, but its extra costs could really sting. Its participant numbers are pretty good, and the features it includes are about industry standard, perhaps a little stronger in terms of user controls, but you might soon find costs stacking, particularly if you need support outside of what they consider “standard”. This one is worth considering, but only when you’ve made an enquiry as to the real cost of the service, all services and misdemeanours taken into account.


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