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Rhubcom.comis a provider of integrated hardware/software solutions for deploying within your company to support audio and video conferencing and remote support. Solutions consist of an appliance that fits into your network infrastructure with supporting software that can be licensed for as many computers as necessary. Whilst this is perhaps not as high end as some deployed solutions on offer, RHubCom solutions are easy to set up and come at a reasonable price.

RHUB products are sold as 4 in 1 solutions which can handle web conferencing, web seminars, remote support and remote access. In reality web conferencing and web seminars are pretty much the same, as is remote support and remote access. However, the functionality does work quite well and allows you to do everything necessary to host meetings both internally and for users outside your network. During a meeting you can share your desktop or specific applications on it with the other participants and easily switch presenters to allow them to do the same. To aid in sharing ideas there are useful whiteboarding and annotation facilities that can be shared amongst participants.

The remote support and access functionality allows you to gain access to a remote computer and take full control of it. This can either be to provide support to a user in front of the computer or to change settings on a remote machine such as a server. Everything you would expect from a good remote support tool is present, such as remote reboots, auto logins and full control of the remote computer. It is also possible to allow multiple users to connect to the remote computer in order to provide extra support.

All RHUB products support integrated audio conferencing for communications as well as simple text based chat. Invitations can be automatically sent out with Outlook integration containing the number to call and access code. In addition, all solutions offer the ability for a presenter to broadcast video from a webcam to all the attendees in a meeting or seminar.

For authentication the software side of the product can integrate with any existing LDAP services that you use within your company. To keep internal meetings secure it is also possible to specify that attendees should only be allowed from behind the company firewall. Although passwords and codes are sent using encrypted SSL connections, general meeting communication is not, so external meetings cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure.

RHUB offers a good range of solutions at reasonable prices. These solutions can slot easily into existing network setups, unlike offerings from some of the larger companies which require a lot of effort to set up and integrate. However, they will likely only be useful if you plan on holding a lot of regular conferences. For services more suited to casual use have a look at some of the products in our top ten web conferencing services.

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