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AT&T Connect Support Review

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AT&T Connect Support offer a high quality, enterprise level audio, video and web conferencing solution. It can be deployed on your own infrastructure, hosted by AT&T or a combination of both is possible. It provides a strong range of features and supports emall, within the company meetings or large webcasts for potential customers. AT&T is a major player in enterprise level conferencing solutions, and as a well recognised name in communication we feel that it is a trustworthy company with a lot of experience in providing advanced communications tools and services to individuals and industries.

Whether you choose to deploy AT&T Connect on your own infrastructure or purchase the hosted package, the wealth of features on offer is just the same. You get unlimited access to hosting any size of meeting for personnel within the company or customers from outside. Within a web meeting it is easy to share your whole desktop and the applications on it, share ideas using the whiteboard and switch between presenters easily. Plenty of other features are also available to support large scale "all hands" meetings and virtual training sessions. This makes it ideal for providing training and for updating large groups of people on recent changes or new products.

For communications AT&T Connect supports integrated audio via VOIP or TDM and audio conferences can be run independently of web conferences - although it is easy to escalate to a web conference if necessary. Full support for video conferencing is also available and simultaneous broadcasts from large numbers of participants are possible. In particular the video options will be of use if you need to demonstrate a product, or simply wish to have a more personal approach to training which allows your audience to see you and understand any demonstrations you might be giving.

As a product aimed at enterprise customers, AT&T Connect provides enterprise level security features. End to end encryption on all communications is standard and a variety of different authentication mechanisms are available - as well as the ability to integrate with your own. The software can also integrate with any existing directory services that your company uses. This makes it a secure system for a variety of systems and services, and an ideal service if you have any concerns over the privacy of any information distributed through your web conferences.

AT&T Connect is an enterprise level product and therefore not suited to smaller business users or casual users. It is a very powerful application which could prove very cost effective when compared to alternative solutions. However, to help its potential customers make a decision as to whether this service is suitable for their budget we would like AT&T to provide more guidance on how much its services may cost. The blended deployed/hosted solutions could be very useful for businesses with a large head office and many smaller offices and can greatly enhance productivity. To discuss which solution would be best for you AT&T have a highly trained sales team which are easily contactable.

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