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iMeet (by PGI) Review

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iMeet provides a conference system which is primarily focused on audio discussions. You can choose from three different payment plans which allow anywhere from 250 to unlimited audio minutes, for under $60 per month. Meanwhile all packages offer the ability to host up to 15 webcams, so that participants are able to see each other and any products or demonstrations that they feel ought to be viewed.

One of the most attractive features of this system is its user interface, which is polished and professional looking but also intuitive enough that you shouldn’t stumble along the way. This is good to see as some systems can be a little confusing, especially at first, and you don’t want to be having technical issues whilst in the middle of a conference call or business meeting. You can also access iMeet using a mobile device, meaning that you can attend meetings on the move and not miss out on important information during a commute. Users can also log in using social guest networks, and the system can call them when a meeting has been scheduled, so participants can simple “answer” the call rather than having to log in or dial a number at a specific time.

In terms of price, $59 for unlimited calls seems very competitive. However, it is unclear just how many different users this allows you to communicate with and the site doesn’t deliver much in the way of explanation. We tried contacting customer services but they were unoccupied and we didn’t get an email response. From our understanding of things you are only able to communicate with one other machine, which means that you’ll need to pay an additional $59 for unlimited calls to each subsequent machine. Suddenly it doesn’t look quite so tempting, although if you have one or two colleagues with whom you make a lot of long distance calls then this could be a relatively cheap option.

The site offers a 30 day free demo period, which we would recommend trying out. Using this demo you will be able to get a good idea of the quality of the service and also whether or not it will provide the necessary functions and features for you. Whilst the service on offer looks to be smooth, offering control features and a simple layout for its users, the site’s lack of specific pricing details and possible participant numbers makes it hard to recommend. iMeet may be most useful for small businesses who need to regularly communicate with one or two other offices that are some distance away, but in terms of large scale conference options it seems to fail in comparison with leading competitors.

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