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Please note that Packetel Turbo Meeting has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Packetel Turbo Meeting below, or check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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Packetel Turbo Meeting Review

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Packetel Turbo Meeting is an easy to use web conferencing service, but one which misses out a couple of important features. The interface is nicely designed and very easy to use and the prices are fairly reasonable - if you can figure out the complex pricing structure. However, for the same price there are many other companies, which offer similar or better features, vying for your business.

The basic functionality of Packetel Turbo meeting allows you to share your desktop with a number of other participants in a web based meeting. To join, your guests just have to visit a web page, which you provide the details of, and sign in. There is no download required just to join a meeting, and only a small client application must be installed to host one. Once inside a meeting the presenter can assign different roles to the participants and take control of their computers if given permission. As they are happening meetings can also be recorded and played back at a later date, which is useful for anyone who misses a meeting.

The communication options within Turbo Meeting are fairly limited to say the least. Guests are essentially reduced to communicating by text chat because there is no other form of communication supported. This seems strange as Packetel also provide audio conferencing services, but don't seem to offer the ability to link a conference call into the meeting - in fact they don't even mention audio conferencing if you go straight to the web conferencing section of the web site. Also disappointing is that there is no support for broadcasting via a webcam - something most similar services would offer.

The reliability of Turbo Meeting seemed adequate, but there were a couple of slowdowns when sharing desktops. Security doesn't seem to have been taken into account, and, although you can password protect meeting rooms, there is no encryption on the communications during a meeting. Again, this is something that most similar services would offer as standard.

Packetel Turbo Meeting offers only very basic desktop sharing capabilities and lacks any form of voice or video communication. However, if you don't require voice communications you can get quite a good deal for fairly large (up to 100 participants) webinars. The pricing structure is slightly complex and looks like it could do with reworking, but this is one of the cheaper services we have seen around. For services with a few extra features that may be useful our top ten reviews some of the best available.

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Please note that Packetel Turbo Meeting has now been discontinued.

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