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Please note that Dimdim has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Dimdim below, or check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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Dimdim Review

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DimDim, despite the strange name, is a high quality application that takes a modern, dynamic approach to web conferencing. It provides all the same features as the big name applications, but at a fraction of the cost and there is even a completely free version available. If the free version doesn't provide the level of service you require, DimDim caters for anything up to enterprise level customers with its two paid for versions.

The first thing to notice about DimDim is that it really is incredibly simple to use. The whole application is browser based and there is nothing to download to host a meeting or to join one. The interface itself is very attractive and very "web 2.0" while at the same time being very intuitive even for people who aren't used to this kind of software.

The main functionality of DimDim lets you share your desktop and host online meetings with anything up to 1000 attendees if you choose the enterprise version. It is easy to share anything that is happening on your screen or pass control to another participant so that they can do the same. The host maintains control at all times and can easily mute a participant or take back control of the meeting. There are various options for audio communication as well as public and private text chat options.

For audio communication, guests can either use the integrated VOIP functionality or dial into a provided teleconferencing number from a standard telephone. Either way works very effectively and it is great to see the inclusion of VOIP as some of the bigger names still haven't got round to including it in their products. In the case of the teleconferencing number, the host must share the number and the meeting ID with guests who wish to participate.

One of the more unique things about DimDim is that it is an open source application and provides various different APIs that allow you to extend the functionality of the application or integrate it with something else. The enterprise level edition can also be customized to work with the existing infrastructure of a business, such as LDAP directories, email systems or back office solutions. Both the Pro and infrastructure versions can be branded to suit your own company.

Security in DimDim is not quite as tight as in some of the more expensive applications, but is still adequate for most purposes. Screencasting is secured using 128-bit SSL encryption (in the pro and above versions), but other communications such as the text chat windows are not. In terms of reliability, the pro and enterprise editions run on their own separate servers away from the free edition so that the quality of service can be controlled more closely. In our tests we had no problems with reliability and managed to host several meetings without any hassle.

DimDim is certainly a very good web conferencing application and has huge potential due to its open nature. If security and reliability are major issues in your purchase it may be better to go for one of the more expensive products out there, but for most users DimDim should be fine. It is also much less than half the price of some of its main competitors which should make it attractive for many businesses. The free trial will give you a good idea of what to expect, but the quality of service definitely improves with the paid for versions, and would be well worth trying if you intend to use of the service a lot.

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Please note that Dimdim has now been discontinued.

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