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Please note that Webex Meeting Center has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Webex Meeting Center below, or check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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Webex Meeting Center Review

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Meeting Center is the second product from Webex that has made it into our top ten web conferencing applications. Meeting Center is an excellent application that builds on and adds much more functionality to MeetMeNow from WebEx. This ends up slightly further down the list because, although it is a superior product, the cost really reflects this and so we think it won't be as appealing to as many people as MeetMeNow.

Like MeetMeNow, Meeting Center allows you to host a web conference from your computer's desktop. Participants can communicate via various different methods and you can see everything that happens on the host's screen. The host also has the ability to give control to any of the participants so that they can share their screen with the meeting. Amongst other things Meeting Center betters MeetMeNow by allowing up to 25 participants per meeting on a standard subscription and has the possibility of up to 500 on a tailored plan.

Aside from the increased meeting size one of the other main benefits of Meeting Center over MeetMeNow is that it has integrated VOIP support for communication during the meeting. This is in addition to the free teleconferencing service WebEx provides. Both methods of calling are integrated into the meeting so that there is no difference between someone dialling in through VOIP or the teleconferencing service. Normally a long distance charge will be incurred by a participant dialling in through the teleconferencing service, but with Meeting Center it is possible to get the software to dial out to them so that you incur the cost.

While MeetMeNow only works with Windows, Meeting Center runs on all of the main operating systems - Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Solaris and is fully cross compatible. There are very few web conferencing tools which are this widely compatible so if your organisation uses a lot of different platforms this may be an essential feature.

Meeting Center also improves the level of security over MeetMeNow. Communications during meetings are still encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology, but now guests can also be forced to identify themselves before joining a meeting. This is done using a PKI certificate - which is essentially a way for someone to combine their public key with their digital signature to prove they are who they say they are. This is obviously a very useful feature if you will be discussing confidential information and have to make sure that there are no eavesdroppers in the meeting. Meetings can also be recorded, edited and played back as another useful privacy and security feature.

Meeting Center is an excellent web conferencing solution for those who really need all the features it provides. If more participants, extra security and logging features are necessary to your operations then the extra cost over MeetMeNow can be justified, but otherwise it may be more cost effective to purchase a subscription to MeetMeNow instead. WebEx can also provide tailored solutions if contacted directly which may provide discounts for bulk purchases.

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Please note that Webex Meeting Center has now been discontinued.

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