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Please note that Saba Centra Suite has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Saba Centra Suite below, or check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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Saba Centra Suite Review

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Saba provides large scale people management solutions for enterprises around the world. Their Centra Suite product is aimed towards providing e-learning solutions for any size of training group and it can also support online collaboration with e-meetings. The solutions can be deployed on your own server, purchased as a dedicated hosted subscription or paid for on demand when you need to use them.

Saba Centra Suite provides a huge range of features and integration possibilities to allow you to host meetings and training events with ease. During meetings, participants can share applications and collaborate on projects or tasks through an easy to use interface. Training organisers have a detailed system for managing training materials, checking attendance and registration and obtaining feedback from students through surveys and polls. It is easy for them to either deliver presentations and seminars live or record a session so that students can access it on demand. Although many of the features are aimed at use in a learning environment, they can be used equally well for company meetings and team projects.

For communications during any sort of event, Saba Centra Suite provides a range of options. You can choose to use integrated VOIP capabilities so that participants can communicate through microphones attached to their computers or use a separate teleconferencing facility of your choice. Saba claims that any teleconferencing service can be integrated to ensure a straightforward meeting. Videoconferencing capabilities are also integrated into the service to allow participants to broadcast to the rest of the meeting from their webcams.

Saba offers three different deployment models for its products depending on the requirements of your business. Any solution can be installed on your own systems and infrastructure for a one off cost and can then be used as often as required. It can also host the service for you with an unlimited use plan. The third option is for an on demand solution whereby you can set up individual events as and when you need them. This is ideal for customers who perhaps need to host large events on an irregular basis.

Saba's products are well developed and supported and provide a huge range of features to support any type of solution that you require. Their products work together and also integrate with a wide variety of commonly used applications and services to provide extra functionality. Consultants are on hand to discuss any solutions with you and help you discuss which products and deployment models would be best for your business.

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Please note that Saba Centra Suite has now been discontinued.

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