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Please note that OmNovia has been discontinued and now redirects to Webinato.com instead. You can read our old review of OmNovia below, or you can check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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OmNovia Review

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OmNovia is a professional and well developed online web conferencing service.  It provides a wide variety of features, including a few that are rare to find in other applications, and an excellent level of security and reliability.  The service is well suited to hosting anything from small meetings to large scale webinars and the underlying technology runs impressively quickly and efficiently.

Omnovia is a fully hosted service which means there is nothing to download or install for either the host or the participant.  The Flash based application allows you to host meetings for up to 5,000 people and share applications, videos and sound from your desktop with them.  Participants join your meeting simply by visiting a custom web address and entering the password for the room. 

This system implements a few features that are relatively rare.  One of these is support for multiple presenters so that two or more people can co-present while working on the same document.  To facilitate this there is also a ‘close curtain’ feature so that, while the curtain is closed, the hosts can discuss things without the audience hearing or seeing anything.  Another unique feature is the ability to send out important messages from the meeting via SMS to participants who couldn’t make it. 

Support for up to 2000 people using VOIP is provided in Omnovia, which should be more than enough for most conferences.  An iBridge feature is also provided which lets the host connect the meeting to an outside telephone line so that, for example, a guest speaker who isn’t in front of a computer can participate.  As an addition there is also support for an unlimited number of participants to broadcast from a webcam attached to their computer.  The scale of these communication features is quite impressive and is much larger than many of Omnovia’s competitors.

Omnovia has been developed with security in mind.  Meeting rooms can be protected in a number of different ways with different authentication mechanisms which can be integrated with your existing LDAP services.  Communication during meetings is also secured with 128-bit SSL encryption to stop anyone intercepting the traffic.

Omnovia is an excellent service for hosting large scale webinars or small team meetings.  It scales excellently due to the robust underlying technology and is reliable at all levels.  The range of flexible price plans makes a subscription cost effective as you can pay for as much or as little as you like.  There is even an option to be billed by the minute if you don’t plan on hosting many meetings.  For a flexible and reliable web conferencing service Omnovia is a very good choice.


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Please note that OmNovia has now been discontinued.

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