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IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Reviews

Please note that IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte below, or check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Review

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IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte is the hosted version of IBM's popular and powerful conferencing software. This means that, instead of installing it on your company's systems, IBM provides the hosting and you pay a monthly fee to them. The service comes in two different paid for versions as well as a completely free version that allows one on one collaboration. The prices are fairly reasonable for a high quality product from a reputable provider and the service is very reliable.

The Unyte share service is the cheaper of the two on offer and can accommodate up to 25 users in one meeting. It allows you to share your desktop with the participants of a meeting and it is possible to take control of their desktops and vice versa. This is all the free version allows you to do, but the paid for version also provides the ability to choose between sharing the whole desktop or just a single application.

The Unyte Event service is slightly more expensive, but provides extra functionality and the capacity for up to 999 participants. All the functionality of the Share service is available as well as extended event management features, such as attendance tracking and an optional integrated toll free audio conferencing number. As well as this, the presenter can broadcast from a webcam to the participants of a meeting.

Both services are limited to text chat in terms of communications. However, if you opt for the Event service it is possible to integrate audio conferencing or broadcast from a webcam. It would have been useful to include VOIP support, but, depending on how you plan on using the service, the features available may be enough.

IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte is a good value, reliable service from a well known and respected provider. It lacks some of the features that make the deployable version of the service so powerful, but is still very useful in its own right. We recommend seriously considering this service if the features it offers suit your requirements.

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Please note that IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte has now been discontinued.

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