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IBM Lotus Sametime Standard Reviews

Please note that IBM Lotus Sametime Standard has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of IBM Lotus Sametime Standard below, or check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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Website: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/products/sametime/standard/

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IBM Lotus Sametime Standard Review

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IBM Lotus Sametime is an enterprise level instant messaging and web conferencing application that is used by businesses all over the world. It comes as a full client and server software package that must be installed on your own systems and maintained by trained IT support staff. The software is excellent as an instant messaging application in itself, but it also provides conferencing facilities and allows colleagues to share each other's desktops.

The main interface of IBM Lotus Sametime will be familiar to anyone who has used instant messaging applications before. It sits out of the way until you contact someone or are contacted yourself and then provides a text chat window for communication. Once a connection to another user has been initiated it is possible to start a web conference where you can share your desktop with other participants or take control of applications on their desktops. Besides this, Sametime integrates seamlessly with a number of other common IBM and Microsoft software products.

For quick ad-hoc communications Sametime acts as an instant messaging tool, providing text chat facilities. It is also possible to start a meeting using the integrated VOIP capabilities or video conferencing functionality. Both work very reliably and make it easy to participate in planned conferences or ad-hoc team meetings.

The security features of IBM Lotus Sametime are one of its strongest selling points. The application runs on your own IT infrastructure so it is secured behind whatever protection is already in place, but it also provides many security features of its own. Some of these are very technical and will only make sense to IT professionals, but they help minimize the risk associated with this sort of system and can promote compliance with regulatory bodies.

IBM Lotus Sametime is a high quality instant messaging and conferencing solution. It provides the high level of service enterprise level organizations require and is configurable to work with existing software and hardware setups. This is an expensive and high quality solution so it is really only suited to larger organisations. For a more casual use product have a look at some of the entries in our top ten.

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Please note that IBM Lotus Sametime Standard has now been discontinued.

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