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Please note that Data Connection Conferencing has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Data Connection Conferencing below, or check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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Website: http://www.dataconnection.com/conferencing

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Data Connection Conferencing Review

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Data Connection develops high quality, reliable, robust and scaleable audio and web conferencing systems. Its background is in networking hardware and software so the company knows what it is doing when it comes to web conferencing. This type of conferencing solution is ideal for medium to large organisations and can be fully deployed on existing infrastructure or purchased with the appropriate hardware.

The main MeetingServer technology is a carrier grade, high function web conference server solution that allows other providers to deploy web conferencing servers to consumers. It is used as the backbone for a number of other web conferencing services as it can be rebranded and integrated with existing technology easily. The main functionality allows you to share desktops and applications, interact using a virtual whiteboard, share webcam feeds and communicate publicly or privately via text.

For communication during meetings DataConnection MeetingServer integrates audio teleconferencing with the web conferencing solution. Guests can dial in and the system will automatically recognise their number or the system can be made to dial out to guests to join the conference. The audio and web conferencing streams integrate smoothly and reliably to provide an intuitive conference experience.

DataConnection also provides tools for managing conferences behind the scenes, such as automatic email invitation generation and facilities to record and publish meetings. The whole system, including these tools, is extremely secure and reliable. Scaleable design methods have been used to ensure it is easy to upgrade the hardware behind MeetingServer without any downtime, and all communications are encrypted using SSL. The solution can also be integrated with any existing billing and authentication systems using an easy to understand API.

DataConnection have a professional services team that will provide help for everything from setting up the system to training on how to use it. The team are very experienced in setting up new customers as well as supporting existing ones and will make sure any installation goes smoothly.

DataConnection MeetingServer is a high end solution that is really only suitable for providers wishing to offer a web conferencing system or fairly large organisations who want their own deployable web conferencing system. The technology is used by some of the major companies in the IT world, such as IBM and Cisco, and so is clearly a top quality product.

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Please note that Data Connection Conferencing has now been discontinued.

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