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Please note that Conference Plus has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Conference Plus below, or check out the rest of the Web Conferencing Services we've reviewed.

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Conference Plus Review

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ConferencePlus offers a wide range of packages to satisfy your web conferencing requirements. From simple audio meetings, to audio-visual sessions which allow you to work collaboratively with others, there should be enough options to cater for most needs.

In terms of web conferencing, Conference Plus offers 4 key packages, each of which is provided by arkadin. The “anywhere” system offers a browser-based conference whereby the host can share their screen with participants. The “Adobe Connect” package offers a set of collaborative tools and the option to use VOIP or to have members call in to attend a conference. You can also include video, recording, polls, question and answer sessions, and more. In particular, this package allows you to maintain a more inclusive feel to proceedings by allowing attendees to respond to and engage with the host. Meanwhile, the “Cisco Webex” option provides all of these features, plus a suite for training, IT support and more, as well as the ability to collaborate on work projects and files by sharing documents. Finally, “arkadin webcast” is particularly suited to large businesses and institutions who wish to give presentations to large numbers of attendees. This service allows for a “virtually unlimited” number of attendees, and the option to customize the meeting to suit your branding needs.

Whilst the range of services is admirable, offering its customers a great amount of choice, there is a definite reluctance from the company to suggest how much these services are likely to cost. You can call the customer helpline or send them an email to get a quotation but this isn’t ideal if you’re hoping to make a relatively quick decision because you have to wait for a time when staff are present and able to get back to you. This also allows them to have a little sales patter, although equally means that you can request more information if needed.

Of all the services provided we felt that the arkadin webcast would be most suited to web conferencing because it offers some of the most impressive features of the four packages. In particular, the large scale audience numbers and the ability to brand your webinar stood out as important. However, these are not unique to Conference Plus, and their company seems to adopt the services of other web conferencing service providers. You’ll constantly find yourself being redirected to sites which don’t seem to have any particular link to Conference Plus, other than that they provide the actual services for them. It makes you wonder, what exactly are Conference Plus offering here, and why should I not just go directly to the source? Well they don’t offer any answers and we couldn’t really get a sense of what they provided from their website other than links to arkadin.

In short, whilst the services on offer do provide some flexibility of choice, and seem reputable enough, the lack of pricing details, the constant redirections to other websites, and the fact that many of the best features are found elsewhere makes this a difficult provider to recommend.

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Please note that Conference Plus has now been discontinued.

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